This Is The Single Greatest Barrier To Discovering Your Life’s True Purpose — mindbodygreen

“Life purpose is much bigger than something we need to accomplish or a job that we have. It’s the entire meaning of our being. It’s the reason we eat, sleep, and breathe. It’s why we’re here and how we uniquely see the world.”…

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Primrose’s Kitchen Muesli and Granola Review — forkwardthinkingfoodinista

Primrose’s Kitchen Muesli and Granola Review: May 2017 Primrose Matheson suffered from chronic fatigue in her youth which motivated her to understand the workings of the body and how to keep healthy. This led her to study Naturopathic and Complementary health studies and a degree in Homeopathy. Primrose believes in her customers, listening to their […]

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Seventh Generation Products

If you’ve been following along on our blog, you know that we do try to reduce our negative environmental impact any way we can through things like cloth diapering and upcycling, to name a few. This journey has been challenging especially because we live in a country where food, clothing, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, etc. are […]

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Tips for the House

Everyone wants a clean home, but there shouldn’t have to be a environmental cost to live in comfort. Traditional products used to keep bathrooms and kitchens spotless are effective, but they also feature a litany of chemicals and materials that are harmful to the environment and sometimes even your health. Today’s green-living enthusiasts are unwilling […]

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Melting Make Up and how to correct

The warmest season of the year has finally arrived, and it’s time to rethink your beauty routine. Heat got you down? Aside from the obvious fix – using less makeup – we’ve rounded up the top meltproof makeup tips that will keep your look set (despite any sweat) all summer long. To stop your makeup…

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First Post

Hello to all.  This is the first of many posts related to choosing a healthier alternative.  Awhile back began a journey of searching for healthier alternatives for a better life.  Whether it is food, beauty, travel, clothes or exercise related.  The focus of the blog will be providing you with information about products and services that give you an alternative and help you make better choices. Hope you enjoy it and pass it on!